How this viral dessert business generate sales of RM100,000?

This business was started during the Movement Control Order (MCO) around mid-2020.

Initially, the owner ran a travel agency business. However, due to the MCO and Covid-19 pandemic, the business was unable to operate at all.

Therefore, to cover operational costs and help staff who lost their jobs, he started a new business selling viral dessert products.

He turned his travel agency office into the main operation center for producing these food products.

I am not sure if you have seen this product before or not.

However, the sales of this dessert product have successfully reached 1 million within less than 5 months after the launch for public sales.

I was tasked to help behind the scenes as an online marketing strategist in managing the digital marketing campaign during the early launch of this viral dessert business.

In addition to using several marketing strategies to promote the product, I also suggested a special marketing campaign to generate multiple incomes from this business, which is through¬† ‘ebook sales funnel’.

How Can an 'Ebook' Increase Sales for This Viral Dessert Product?

One of the objectives of producing this ebook is to obtain more agents and distributors who will help promote this viral dessert product.

The ebook is to raise awareness about the income potential of this dessert business. 

I interviewed the founder of this product to get an overview of their business background and how they came up with the idea of starting a new business after their travel agency business could not operate due to the pandemic.

I also asked about the strategies they used to make their dessert product go viral.

After the interview session, I transcribed and structured the content into an Ebook. The Ebook shares some of the strategies used to promote the business and make it go viral.

Many people bought the Ebook, and some even upgraded to become agents and distributors after learning how to promote the dessert product effectively.

Within a month, he succesfully generate more than RM100,000 from this dessert business itself.

Interesting, right?

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