How a Nasi Dagang Business Successfully Generated Sales of 6-figures?

In Ramadan, my wife and I started a homemade food business, selling Nasi Dagang using a home delivery concept.

Initially, we only produced Nasi Dagang for delivery in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley area.

After Eid, demand for our Nasi Dagang suddenly became viral, not only in Kuala Lumpur but also from all over Malaysia who started requesting to try our Nasi Dagang.

To accommodate the demand, my wife and I decided to upgrade our product into an INSTANT Nasi Dagang package that lasts longer and can be shipped using a courier to all over the country.

What is very exciting for us is that sales of these INSTANT packs have not only been successful within Malaysia, but there are also customers from abroad who have ordered these INSTANT Nasi Dagang packs.

Many of our entrepreneur friends also asked us how we produce the longer-lasting INSTANT Nasi Dagang package.

Thus, this gave us the idea to share our knowledge and experience on how we started the homemade food business and produced the durable packaging to more people through the Homemade Food Business Case Study Ebook.

For your information, in the ebook, I also shared how readers can become agents for our INSTANT Nasi Dagang packs.

Although this ebook is sold at a low price, only RM40, it has successfully helped our Nasi Dagang business grow and generate sales of over RM100,000!

What's Interesting About Having Ebook as a Sales Funnel?

Besides generating income through sales of the main product, such as our INSTANT Nasi Dagang packs, we can also generate additional income through the sale of the ebook.